Fix DVD playback in Ubuntu 14.04 even after restricted extras and codecs installed

I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Thinkpad pad and even after installing ubuntu-restricted-extras and a plethora of DVD codecs I still couldn’t play DVDs. I tried several DVD players including VLC, as well as several DVDs but the result was always the same: the DVD would start to spin, the player would display the title, but then spin down.

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QUnit updated Bower package location

About two months ago the QUnit team updated the location of their Bower package. This may be old news to some, but I just noticed it today and I’m hoping I can save somebody a few minutes of troubleshooting since

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A Few of my Favorite Free Online Resources for Learning JavaScript

I spent too much time composing a tweet in response to another tweet requesting recommendations for online JavaScript resources. This post explains the ones I chose and why.

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Grunt Quickstart: Set up Grunt with JSHint

In this post I’m going to get you started with Grunt as quickly as possible. By the end you should have Grunt installed, configured, and running a basic, but useful task.

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REST / HTTP API Tools for Development and Testing

This post is a survey covering several tools for interacting with HTTP based APIs. In it I introduce the tools and briefly explain how to use them.

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Nexus 4 with D-link router Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues and Solution

How I got my Nexus 4 to work with my home router, and then didn’t and then did again. Good times.

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Laravel and Environments

I’ve recently started using a newish entry into the almost innumerable list of rapid development framework for PHP. Laravel is self described as a “clean and classy framework” for “web artisans.”

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Bare Bones MVC with Stapes.js

In this post I will be presenting a simplified implementation of the Model-View-Controller pattern implemented using Stapes.js.

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Bare Bones MVC in JavaScript

My goal for this post is to provide a simple, hopefully the simplest, explanation of the Model, View, Controller pattern implemented in JavaScript. By the end you should have a fundamental understanding of MVC in JavaScript.

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